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This slim volume offers a broad collection of insights into contemporary life, using Torah study as a guide.  Author Dina Wolfman Baker takes up the basic issues of living in community--social justice, ethical wills, child-rearing, free will, obligation and many more, drawing on her skills in literary analysis, expository writing and

"Before we can consider

the brutal authority

of physical force,

or the mighty influence

of wealth, we must dwell on the timeless rule of the word."

Read excerpts from each essay in Creative License to begin your exploration of the book and its topics. 

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"The author...deftly weaves the weekly Torah portion, other great writings, and her superb intellect, to confront issues that concern modern individuals and communities. ... She essentially invites us to use sacred text as a way to change our lives, to become better people, and members of more caring communities."  

- Rabbi Andrea Merow

public speaking. Believing that Torah study offers the opportunity for every one of us to explore such concepts, she shares her own views and encourages discussion. In this way, she allows all of us to be lay leaders and congregants in a community of learners, on topics that transcend religious affiliation.

Creative License